WWE Monday Night Raw Results – May 1 2017

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Monday Night Raw opens with the Raw women’s division standing in the ring, surrounding a platform. Every woman is there except for Alexa, who gets introduced along with some replays of her big win last night.

Bayley looks on, pouting with her arms folded. Bliss enters the ring and begins by thanking the women for coming down to the ring but then says that they were there only because she asked Angle to tell them to. She then says that she deserves a coronation as she is the first Raw and SmackDown Live Women’s Champion.

Alexa says she has many people to thank and begins with Mickie James. Bliss tells Mickie she has been an inspiration to her ever since she was a little girl, but that she and her contemporaries like Fabulous Moolah are in a better place. She then turns her attention to Sasha and tells Banks that she could call her the Raw Women’s Champion…or the woman who pinned her to get where she is. Sasha gets pissed and in the face of Alexa. Banks shoves Alexa into Nia Jax but Alexa wants nothing to do with her. She turns her attention to former Champion Bayley.

Alexa climbs on the pedestal as she thanks Bayley. Bliss says that she would have never got a chance to the win the title if it hadn’t been for Bayley. She then talks about how Bayley’s nephews were in tears last night, and concludes by saying that she is thankful that Bayley’s family finally had a role model to look up to. Bayley has heard all she can take, and she flips Alexa off of the podium!

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Bayley, Mickie James, Sasha Banks & Dana Brooke vs. Alexa Bliss, Alicia Fox, Emma & Nia Jax

We’re back and we have tag-team action underway. Bayley starts off against Emma and a few arm drags give her control. She then tags in Mickie who takes to the top rope and jumps right off it onto Emma. After a bit of back and forth James lands a hard spinning kick to the gut and tags Dana Brooke in. Emma wants nothing to do with Brooke and tags Foxy into the fray. Dana catchesFox with an Elbow drop and after a spell of domination, tags Banks in.

Bayley then works Fox in her team’s corner and then tags Mickie in. Mickie and Bayley work on Fox together in their corner until Banks is tagged in. Sasha has Fox in a submission hold in the centre of the ring until Alicia finally works her way to her feet. However, Fox is soon slammed down with a clothesline and stopped from making the tag.

*Commercial Break*

During the commercial break, Nia Jax ran through the Boss before tagging in Alicia, and the Fox is now in control. Fox has Sasha in a head-lock until she tags Jax in. Jax flings Banks into the corner and clotheslines her into it. She then just picks her up and throws her across the ring. Nia gets Banks in a headlock in the centre of the ring and Banks tries a few kicks to escape. However, she is lifted and slammed into the corner.

Alexa is tagged in and uses a few stomps to keep Banks on the ground. Sasha finally manages to create some distance and knocks the heels off the apron just in time to create enough space. She then tags Bayley in. Bayley clears house and hits the Bayley To Belly suplex! But Nia breaks up the pinfall attempt.

James then takes out Jax, who rolls out of the ring, with a jump off the third rope. Emma then throws Dana over the ropes. A distracted and legal Bayley then eats a DDT as Bliss scores the win for her team.

Winners: Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax, Emma & Alicia Fox

Alexa and her team stand tall in the ring while Bayley is helped to the back by Mickie and Sasha.

We’ll get a medical update on Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman, who was beaten back by Reigns on RAW Talk. We’ll also hear from Seth Rollins later tonight. Coming up next, we’ll see Enzo Amore take on Luke Gallows.

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Enzo and Cass make their entrance to their usual great reception. Enzo goes through his usual shtick, and they get in the ring. Enzo says he and Cass are a little tired. The reason why they’re tired is because their real life is better than their dreams. They chose not to sleep because they were giving Gallows and Anderson the beating of their life. Tonight will be no different. Cass goes to do his line, but Gallows and Anderson attack them from behind. Enzo and Cass soon clear them from the ring. This match is next.

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Enzo W/Big Cass Vs. Anderson W/Gallows

Gallows begins with a big boot and a few heavy stomps to Enzo. Gallows follows up with a few punches to the gut in the corner. Gallows locks Enzo in an arm bar, which he tries to fight out of but quickly gets shut down by the much bigger Gallows. Gallows continues to work Enzo’s arm in the corner and then slams in a giant boot right in the face. He then follows that up with a knee to the face.

Enzo starts to fights back with a few punches but Gallows is too powerful for him and goes right for the arm. Gallows gets Enzo in an armbar again and then flings him onto the mat. After locking in an armbar again, Gallows continues to dominate until Enzo connects with a Bulldog off the second rope.

Enzo stuns Gallows but he recovers soon to hoist Enzo in the air. Enzo reverses into a quick cover but can’t keep the big man down. He then takes to the top rope and is distracted by Anderson. This allows Gallows to take advantage with a giant slam to win the match.

Winner: Luke Gallows

Anderson and Gallows retreat, while Cass tends to the downed Enzo Amore.

Neville is backstage when TJ Perkins walks up to him. Perkins asks what happened at Payback. Neville says Austin Aries isn’t at his level. Perkins says some people are saying Neville was going to tap, so he hit the referee to escape with the title. Neville tells him to be careful not to slander the king. Neville says the referee was out of position. Neville says they have to end their Austin Aries problem. Perkins is confused as to how he is involved. Neville says this is about Cruiserweight Title opportunities. How can Perkins get a shot when Austin Aries has a claim to it? Neville says Perkins has a match against Aries tonight and tells him to make the most of his opportunity.

The future of Seth Rollins is up next!

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The Kingslayer, Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring. Rollins tries to get the fans a little rowdy. He talks about recent times for him. Good times and bad times, which make you appreciate the good times and force you to take a look at yourself in the mirror and see who you are. Well, he’s still Seth Freakin’ Rollins. He says everything came full circle in the past month, he slayed the King of Kings at WrestleMania, and last night he got payback on Samoa Joe. So there’s only thing left for him to do…he wants The Beast. That got the fans going. He wants the Universal Championship. He’s been to Suplex City and he isn’t afraid to go back.

Finn Balor comes to the ring and says he respect the hell out of Seth Rollins. He says Seth is the one legged man that won at WrestleMania. But he is the one armed man who won beat Seth and became the first-ever Universal Championship. And he never actually lost that title. So, no offence, but when it comes to talking about Brock Lesnar, the line starts with him.

Ambrose says Finn and Seth sound like chickens. He knows a little something about Brock Lesnar, who fights whenever he wants and that isn’t very often. He says Raw deserves a fighting Champion and he holds the number one title on Raw. Out comes The Miz, along with Maryse.

The Miz begins by saying that Balor and Rollins haven’t earned anything and adds that Dean is an embarrassment as a champion. The Miz says he made the title relevant. Finn Balor then reminds The Miz about what happened last night. Miz carries on and tells Dean that he doesn’t defend his title and calls Rollins a ‘gimp’. As he continues to ramble on, the other three yell ‘Shut up’ in unison. Ambrose then says that he wants to defend the title tonight and that everyone wants to see the Miz getting beaten up. Ambrose then calls Raw General Manager Angle on the phone. Angle announces that Balor, Rollins and the Miz will face each other to become the #1 contender to his title.

*Commercial Break*

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