5 Potential First Time Women Feuds


1 – Asuka vs Charlotte Flair

After 2 years on the main roster Charlotte Flair is already arguably the G.O.A.T. The longest reigning Divas Champion in WWE history recently became Smackdown Lives biggest acquisition via the superstar shakeup. The 2nd generation star is set for a career year and has her sights set on Naomi’s Smackdown Live women’s Championship. The current NXT women’s champion makes her second appearance on his list with good reason.

When Asuka does make her main roster debut Smackdown Live is where she belongs. Asuka will be a bonafide main eventer on the blue brand and will give her space to develop in front of WWE’s main crowd. Asuka should be a heel on he main roster and with Charlotte seemingly on her way to turning face it is a match made in wrestling heaven. Charlotte will be the Queen a top Smackdown Live with nobody even coming close to her level on the blue brand. Asuka will provide much needed competition for Charlotte as well as other Smackdown women.

Charlotte is the best in ring worker in WWE’s Women’s division. Her moves are fluent and made to look effortless, her athleticism is insane and her technical ability is mesmerizing to watch. As well as this, on a good day Charlotte can cut a fantastic promo meaning she will be able to easily carry the talking side of this feud. Seeing Asuka’s hard hitting moveset collide with Charlotte Flair’s flawless work in ring will be beautiful. This feud over the Women’s Championship will be  the highlight of Smackdown Live’s women division. Asuka is a fantastic talent who deserves the best competition when she hopefully arrives on the blue brand and there is nobody better than Charlotte Flair.

There are a load of fantastic potential women’s feuds for the next year. Charlotte Flair vs Asuka though can main event any PPV of the year and live up to the hype. Charlotte Flair is a superstar who may take women’s wrestling mainstream, on Smackdown Live the ‘Queen’ will have no better dance partner than the Japanese sensation Asuka who belongs on the main roster, specifically Smackdown Live where she will shine all round as a top main event talent.

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