5 Potential First Time Women Feuds


2 – Alexa Bliss vs Sasha Banks

These women have had matches in NXT and on a recent episode of RAW. Despite this though the two are yet to have a fully fledged feud and this will undoubtedly happen in the next year. Bayley and Alexa Bliss are currently embroiled in a feud with Sasha Banks lurking on the outside acting like a third cog in the feud. However once Alexa is through with Bayley the next big potential feud is with Sasha.

Bliss is on fire at the moment in WWE. The two time women’s champion is the best talker in the whole women division in WWE and a fantastic heel. Week by week Bliss’ in ring work improves and the only way is up for Bliss’ career. Ultimately the correct decision would be for Bliss to defeat Bayley for the Women’s Championship so to reinvigorate both Bayley and RAW’s division. Sasha after finally turning heel will then feud with Bayley in a phenomenal contest. All the while Bliss can feud with the likes of Mickie James, Nia Jax, Emma and Dana Brooke over the title. A face turn will be needed by Bliss near the end of the year. Especially when she comes across her biggest and best feud to date with ‘The Boss’ Sasha Banks.

The promo work in this feud would be some of the best, if not the best, to come out of  the women’s division. Both women are entertaining on the mic with Bliss especially being able to work the crowd. Banks’ phenomenal in ring work will never come into question. By the time this feud comes into fruition Bliss, while a great performer just now, will have continued improving leaps and bounds. These women at each others throat would be fantastic to watch especially with the championship involved. These are RAW’s 2 best women at the moment and can spearhead the division as face and heel going into 2018 and Wrestlemania 34.

Alexa is deserving of becoming the first ever women to become both RAW and Smackdown Live women’s champion. If not her it will be Charlotte. Bliss is a bolder, more surprising choice however and one which would benefit the RAW brand. Bliss is also deserving of a feud with Sasha who deserves – as one of the 2 best in ring women wrestlers in the world – to be back in title contention as RAW’s top heel.

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