5 Potential First Time Women Feuds


3 – Sasha Banks vs Asuka

Asuka is flying high in NXT as its champion. Since the final of the 4 Horsewomen made her debut on the main roster Asuka has carried the NXT women’s division in dominant fashion. Still undefeated and still with championship gold round her waist, Asuka’s main roster debut seems a long way away. When Asuka does make her debut, hopefully later this year, this is a dream feud for fans of women’s wrestling.

Sasha Banks is one of the two best female wrestlers in WWE. This statement has rung true for the past two years. Her character is fantastic and she has an insane amount of in ring talent. The only women in WWE on/above Sasha’s level is her longtime rival Charlotte Flair. Asuka in ring is a dynamic, hard hitting and brutal performer with some of the most devastating kicks in wrestling. Combine the two and you have an in ring masterclass able to steal the show at any wrestling event. If Asuka debuts on RAW this feud is a must.

Over the coveted RAW Women’s Championship this feud would be worthy of main eventing PPV’s. Sasha and Asuka are both excellent heels and both great faces so the role of each women is irrelevant. Sasha Banks’ insane selling of moves mixed with Asuka’s strong style kicks is a lethal combination. Both women’s technical ability and passion in the ring would create absolute magic. While Asuka’s promo skills are limited due to the language barriers and Sasha is not the best speaker, Sasha can still do a good job and both women are experts at letting actions speak louder than words and a fantastic narrative can be created as well as a glorious payoff at a RAW PPV.

This is an inevitable feud somewhere down the line. If Asuka debuts on RAW it must happen as soon as can possibly be. Match of the year candidate screams out when these 2 women’s names are said together. Sasha has been somewhat of an afterthought since losing the women’s championship but the ‘Legit Boss’ can only go up, which is exactly where she belongs and a feud with the current NXT Women’s Champion will surely only add to both women’s already impressive resumes.

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