5 Potential First Time Women Feuds


4 – Bayley vs Stephanie McMahon

This feud has had seeds planted in the past and will be a career maker for Bayley. Bayley is an extremely talented women’s wrestler with huge babyface potential. Stephanie McMahon is a mainstay authority figure who rules with an iron fist. The feud is a dream for fans of underdogs challenging authority and Bayley. WWE have teased this feud and given the impact it could have for Bayley and the women’s division they would be insane not to capitalize.

On the main roster thus far Bayley is yet to fulfill her potential. While she may be RAW Women’s Champion, the victory came too early and the moment . As well as this Bayley’s promo’s seem to be in need of improvement as it is the weakest part of her game. Fan reaction will not stop reigning down on the likable champion. But she is in desperate need of a career defining feud. That feud is with Stephanie McMahon. The ‘Billion Dollar Princess’ has shown her fearlessness when it comes to stepping into the ring. Only just at Wrestlemania did the RAW Commissioner go through a table after all. A payoff match with Bayley is more than doable.

The story is simple, Stephanie is the big bad boss and Bayley is the gutsy underdog. It is a story which will always have a place in WWE. For the first time however it will be used as a narrative in the women’s division in this feud. Bayley is a fantastic in ring performer and with a well crafted narrative can carry Stephanie to a great match. From her imminent return onward Stephanie can focus on the berating and belittlement of Bayley. She can cost Bayley her championship. Force the ‘Hugger’ into impossible odds. Basically, just as her husband did with Daniel Bryan 3 years ago, ruin Bayley’s life. This would lead to a match Stephanie is forced into by Bayley and a huge payoff. A payoff fitting of Summerslam.

Bayley and Stephanie are fitting opponents for one another. Bayley herself is deserving of a high profile feud such as this and is the only realistic candidate to feud with McMahon given Sasha Banks’ inevitable heel turn and the fact that Bayley is already such a likable, resilient underdog with infinite potential. This feud has potential to bring memorable moments, great in ring action and a fantastic story for WWE fans and can only help Bayley’s career.

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