5 Potential First Time Women Feuds


5 – Emma v Dana Brooke

There have been 2 major issues with RAW since the brand split. One is that the focus has been on 2/3 women. Two is that there has only really been one storyline at a time getting focus from creative. Smackdown Live on the other hand has given equal opportunity to a lot of its women. As well as that they have also had undercard feuds with stories and narratives for fans to invest into. Emma and Dana Brooke can provide this for RAW.

Emma has finally returned following the Emmalina debacle. As a heel Emma has fantastic potential. Her look, mannerisms and presence are excellent for her character. She is however generally unproven in ring for storylines and big matches. The same relates to Dana Brooke to a lesser extent. To the general WWE audience Dana has had in ring opportunities and ultimately flopped. This feud may rectify this however given Brookes new niche as a babyface looking to find herself and be her own prodigy.

Neither women is of the same level of a woman like Charlotte Flair. This match will not focus on being a classic in ring contest however. Instead this feud should focus round a well crafted narrative and a carefully played out story. The two can be teammates before Emma turns her back on Dana. Emma can just outright create a personal vendetta with Dana through attacks. There are a plenitude of possibilities. The key thing about this feud which makes it desirable is its potential to create interest and investment in 2 characters who are seemingly on the back burner on RAW.

This match and feud will by no means be a technical masterpiece. What it will be however is a chance for two women on the roster to get a chance to prove themselves in a storyline situation in which fans have reason to invest themselves into it. Secondary women’s feuds are much needed on RAW, especially given Smackdown Live had three storyline based matches at Elimination Chamber. RAW needs to up its game in this regard and a feud between these two women is key to this. Not only would this feud aid the overall product of RAW, but it will also help the women’s division become a more refined, enjoyable product while advancing the career massively of 2 young, upcoming women in need of this type of feud.

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