10 of the Worst PPV Names in WWE History

Over the Limit

The WWE had a great PPV calendar in the early- mid 2000’s and it was only towards the latter half of the decade that they really started messing around with it.

One of the last mainstays of the PPV calendar to go was Judgment Day, which was replaced in 2010 by WWE: Over the Limit, an event that lasted 3 years and delivered shows that were somehow less interesting than its name.

Over the Limit is the kind of event name you and your friend would give a PPV you had invented on a video game. It had no originality to it and was just another aimless PPV on a calendar becoming increasingly full with aimless, and instantly forgettable PPVs.

One of the things that make it seem even more pointless though, is its lack of meaning. Sure, PPVs like Bragging Rights and Breaking Point had terrible names, but at least they were semi-relatable to the content on the card. Over the Limit is so bland and generic it could literally mean anything.

Written by Liam Hoofe

Liam is a full-time traveller who is a teacher by day, and a wrestling nut by night. You can follow him on Twitter @liamhoofe

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