10 of the Worst PPV Names in WWE History

Taboo Tuesday

First things first- WWE PPV’s should not take place on a Tuesday night. It’s incredibly inconvenient and it was, at the time, in between the company’s two main TV shows.

The concept of Tabboo Tuesday was great, in theory, at least- let the fans choose the matches and stipulations on the night. In execution, it kinda worked, but the crowds were very clearly manipulated to vote certain ways. It was still a novel concept though, so credit to the company for coming up with something new.

The title of the PPV, though, now that was not such a good idea. The Tuesday part of the title is fairly self-explanatory, but Taboo!? What in the world is that all about? The word Taboo means ‘prohibited or restricted’. What did that have to do with the event? Not a lot.

The event was eventually moved to a Sunday and repackaged as Cyber Sunday- which made a hell of a lot more sense than its original name.

Written by Liam Hoofe

Liam is a full-time traveller who is a teacher by day, and a wrestling nut by night. You can follow him on Twitter @liamhoofe

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