10 of the Worst PPV Names in WWE History

Tables, Ladders and Chairs (And Stairs)

Of all the gimmick PPVs, I must admit TLC is one of the more consistent ones on the current WWE calendar. The event, whether you are a fan of gimmick-driven PPVs or not has delivered some great matches over the last few years and I’ve no problem with it keeping its place on the calendar.

Back in 2014 though, the company didn’t think it was enough to have a tables match, a ladder match, a chairs match and a TLC match on the card and added the first ever steel stairs match into the mix, giving us one of the least inspired gimmick matches in recent years in the process.

Big Show faced Erick Rowan in the titular match in what is, to my memory, the Wyatt Family member’s only solo outing on PPV. Needless to say, it was terrible.

Written by Liam Hoofe

Liam is a full-time traveller who is a teacher by day, and a wrestling nut by night. You can follow him on Twitter @liamhoofe

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