10 of the Worst PPV Names in WWE History

In Your House: Beware of Dog

If I’m being perfectly honest I could have made a separate list to this one listing just titles from the WWE’s In your House run. Names like ‘Revenge of the Taker’ and ‘Seasons Beatings’ were very close to making it, but ‘Beware of Dog’ tops them all. Did no-one ever teach Vince McMahon about the definite article at school?

The show was named this because The British Bulldog was challenging Shawn Michaels for the WWE title. The show ended up being an absolute mess due to a power shortage on the broadcast of the event led to the show being shown 2 days later- with the titular ‘dog’ not even ending up in the main event!

Written by Liam Hoofe

Liam is a full-time traveller who is a teacher by day, and a wrestling nut by night. You can follow him on Twitter @liamhoofe

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