Vince Russo’s The Brand Recap w/ X-Pac Pt. 2 – Relationship with Chyna, Regrets in the Business, DDP Yoga, More!

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X-Pac says that he doesn’t put any bad things in his body anymore. He doesn’t do any hard drugs, he rarely touches alcohol and the only drug he uses is cannabis. He works four days a week with Sirius Radio and does a lot of hiking.

He believes that DDP Yoga played a large part in his physical and mental turnaround. He says that DDP is a ‘saint’, and although he, Scott Hall and Jake Roberts are still all a work in progress, DDP has got their lives in order.

Russo asks X-Pac if he has any regrets in the wrestling business and in his personal life. X-Pac says if there was one thing he would do over, it would be raising his children. He feels like he failed at raising his children, and that’s the one thing he regrets. Every other hardship he went through was as a result of his own doing, but his children didn’t deserve to be ignored.

Russo recalls the time that WWE brought in Motley Crue to perform on a show, and X-Pac was so excited to be able to join them on stage during their performance. X-Pac informs that Motley Crue was originally supposed to play their song ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’, but they had to change the song because Road Dogg’s wife would have been furious.

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