Talk is Jericho Recap w/ Samoa Joe – Arriving in NXT, Debut on RAW, Potential Match vs. Lesnar, More!

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Joe informs that he knew Nakamura for a while, and it was great to finally work some big matches with him in NXT. He says that Nakamura is probably getting the best initial reaction of any Japanese star to ever make the move to North america. Nakamura is very talented in the ring, but he also has that intangible asset of body charisma.

He says his entire experience in NXT was positive, and he didn’t mind staying there longer than some other big names stars who advanced to the main roster quicker. He says that during his tenure in NXT, it became a third touring brand for WWE and they needed big names there to draw numbers for their live events. If it wasn’t for that development, he thinks he would have been called up to the main roster quicker.

Joe says he was thrilled with the reaction he re received when he debuted on the RAW after the Royal Rumble. He says it was ‘trippy’ to hear the WWE Universe respond to him in that manner and overall, he thought they accomplished what they set out to do with his debut.

Joe informs that he was a WWE fan growing up, and it was the one thing that he and his father could watch together. He was always a fan of Arn Anderson, who’s offence would typically come out of nowhere. Anderson was just an enforcer, but he was able to transcend that role and that’s something Joe really liked about him. Joe also really liked Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat.

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