Vince Russo’s The Brand Recap – RAW Criticism, Bayley’s ‘Horrible’ Promo, Kalisto Defeats Strowman? More!

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Russo wonders what WWE has done to make fans care about any of the cruiserweights. He says he could take Jack Gallagher in a fight, and when you’re in a business that demands credibility as a physical competitor, that’s a tough pill to swallow.

Russo doesn’t think Strowman’s loss to Kalisto in the dumpster match hurt him at all, but he doesn’t see any reason for having Kalisto win in the first place. Russo would have liked to see Strowman throw Kalisto 100 feet across the arena into the dumpster.

Next, Russo discusses the Dana Brooke and Alicia Fox match which featured Emma as well. Russo says that these three women are amateurs and do not belong on the flagship show of the ‘greatest wrestling promotion in America’. He says they’re NXT talent at best.

Russo thinks it’s hilarious that WWE creative seems to have nothing for Finn Balor right now, and he’s supposed to be the future of the company. For the last two weeks he was in squash matches, and now this week he was involved in a 6-man tag.

Lane mentions that when Balor was announced as the third member of Big Cass and Rollins’ team, Michael Cole went off like Brock Lesnar was making his way to the ring. Russo says that Cole is an ‘idiot’.

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