The Ross Report Recap w/ Rey Mysterio – Training His Son to Wrestle, One More Match for Kurt Angle, Who’s his Biggest Influence? More!

Ross welcomes Rey Mysterio to the show.

Mysterio admits that deep down inside, he wanted his son Dominic to pursue a career in professional wrestling but he would never force him down that road. Dominic eventually developed a love for the business, and now is determined to be a star in the wrestling business.

Mysterio informs that Dominic is learning very quickly, and is picking up on certain subtleties much easier than anticipated. He believes that has a lot to due with Dominic always being around the business, and watching a plethora of old wrestling video tapes.

Mysterio says that there will be no free passes for his son in this business, because he knows how many sacrifices he had to make in order to make it, and he believes every performer should at least experience that to a degree. Ross points out that fans will never experience ‘average’ from the son of Rey Mysterio, and Mysterio admits that there will certainly be added pressure on him because of that.

Mysterio feels that today’s in-ring style has developed as a result of every performer trying to out-do each other, and while that’s fine, he’s concerned about the long-term health of today’s performers. It will take years to reverse the style back to something we saw in an earlier era, and Mysterio doubts if it’s really possible to revert back to a former era at all.