The Ross Report Recap w/ Mr. Anderson – Strowman’s Stock Rising, CM Punk Return, Jarrett TNA’s Saviour? More!

Ross welcomes Mr. Anderson to the show.

Anderson says that he was concerned at first that by starting a wrestling school, he’d have to retire from in-ring competition. Fortunately, that has not been the case because he’s been able to juggle both careers. He’s still taking independent bookings while running his wrestling school in Minnesota.

Anderson says that a few months prior to his WWE Money in the Bank win, Bautista was supposed to wrestle Mark Henry but Henry got injured. Anderson was chosen to replace Henry that night and although he just expected to do a job for Bautista, they put together a special match.

Anderson was bloodied during the match and it added so much drama to the contest. After the match, Undertaker approached him and said he wanted to work with him and they went on to have a program for 6-12 months. He believes that was a turning point in his WWE career.