The Ross Report Recap w/ Mr. Anderson – Strowman’s Stock Rising, CM Punk Return, Jarrett TNA’s Saviour? More!

Daivari says that William Regal is largely responsible for the tremendous influx of young talent that WWE is benefitting from right now. Ross completely agrees and says that Regal is a class act and an extremely underrated piece of the WWE puzzle these days.

Ross asks Daivari if he thinks we’ll ever see CM Punk wrestle again. Daivari thinks that Punk has had his last advertised run, but he thinks Punk loves the business too much to stay away forever. He thinks it’s more likely that Punk will return for one-off appearances or matches.

Ross says that the independent wrestling scene is red hot right now, and he believes that CM Punk can find a lot of happiness working in the wrestling business while staying away from WWE. He says it’s a great time to be a wrestling fan right now, but it’s also a great time to be a professional wrestler. The old mindset of having to make it to WWE to be successful in the wrestling business simply doesn’t hold true any longer.