The Ross Report Recap w/ Mr. Anderson – Strowman’s Stock Rising, CM Punk Return, Jarrett TNA’s Saviour? More!

Ross welcomes Shawn Daivari to the show.

Daivari informs that he and (Mr.) Ken Anderson have started a new school in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. He says that they’re very lucky to be located in Minnesota, because that State really is a hot bed for professional wrestling prospects.

Ross says that he’s regularly asked to recommend a wrestling school for potential prospects. He says the key thing is to check each school for the amount of successful graduates that they’ve produced. If one school is turning out a lot of professionals who are now making money as a wrestler, that’s a pretty good sign that they’re a good school.

Daivari says the goal of his wrestling school is to amplify and enhance each student’s current strengths, and then develop new ones. All too often, performers seem to forget the things that got them this far in the business in hopes of becoming a brand new Superstar. He urges his students to embrace the things that have made them successful thus far.

Daivari admits that working with Muhammed Hassan in WWE was an interesting experience. Some of the guys in the locker room had heat with Hassan, but the guys he was working with such as The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels and Hulk Hogan loved him because they all looked at him as a potential ‘money guy’. It was the other performers who weren’t getting those opportunities who had issues with him.