Reason Why Secondary Titles May Become Relevant Again

What About Raw?

While Smackdown looks to be doing a whole lot of good, their recent repairing of the Intercontinental Championship looks to be undone. The belt had cooled off for a bit after The Miz dropped it to Ambrose, but many are expecting the belt to revert to its once-tarnished state. You can’t really blame them, given Raw’s track record with titles. The Cruiserweight Championship changed hands three times in three months. Their top champion, the Universal Champion, was made to look like a joke. 

However you feel, it doesn’t matter. Dean Ambrose is now on Raw. Would you like to know who currently isn’t on Raw?

Yessir, Brock is currently off farming or bullying some nerds for their lunch money, and he’s taken the top championship with him? When will he be back? Whenever he damn well pleases, I guess. Are you going to say “no” to Brock Lesnar? Didn’t think so.

So What’s the Point?

With Brock shooting bears, now is the perfect time for them to showcase the Intercontinental Championship. It is now the de facto “top title” on Raw by virtue of being the only singles title for most of the roster to fight for. While Raw has had its fair share of abysmally bad episodes and pay-per-views (looking at you, Fastlane), they’ve been pretty alright these last few episodes. Now they have the chance to do something great. They have the perfect opportunity to create something great with the Intercontinental Championship.

Dean Ambrose has a whole lot of new opponents who can fight him? Samoa Joe, Braun Strowman, Finn Balor, and many others can all face him for the right to be champions. Tell me those do not sound like pay-per-view worthy matches. Even his fellow Shield brothers can fight him. Ambrose is the only one among the Shield to hold the Intercontinental Championship. 

For every pay-per-view Lesnar no-shows, have the IC belt in the main event. Ambrose is a trusted guy, and he can have great matches with a whole lot of people. Now’s your chance, Raw. Please don’t waste it.

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