Why The Hardy Boys Reunion Will Be Short Lived

You may be wondering what will become of Jeff now. Well don’t worry, he’s in good hands. Jeff is going to be primed to return to the main event scene yet again, which is basically where he left off when he left the company all those years ago. There was a time where Jeff was the biggest babyface in the company, even more so than John Cena. I’m doubtful that he will get pushed that hard, but it’ll be close. Jeff is someone who can entertain both the kids and the adults, which is a good balance to have. Plus he sells merchandise, so that helps as well. If Matt is going to get pushed into the title picture, Jeff should as well but for the other heavyweight championship.

Maybe this will lead to a future match between the two with Matt Hardy coming out on top and thus transforming Jeff Hardy into Brother Nero. Then they will catch even more wildfire once both brothers have been transformed.

While Jeff and Matt have always been successful as a tag team, there is money to be found in splitting them this time around. Vince loves making money, so this is a move I have no doubts about him making. It’s almost unheard of for two legit brothers to be pushed into the higher atmosphere of the WWE, but it seems like this is where the Hardy Boys reunion will eventually go. It’s always great seeing them team together, now it’s about time to see them branch off and find success as single competitors yet again.