Why The Hardy Boys Reunion Will Be Short Lived

Fans were treated to an unexpected twist at Wrestlemania a couple of weeks back. Just before the start of the Raw Tag-Team Championship match, The New Day would arrive and announce that another team would be added to the match. There had been speculation that The Hardy Boys would return, but it seemed like it was going to fall through. It didn’t. Matt and Jeff made their heroic return to the WWE, much to the delight of the WWE Universe.

But even though the return was sweet, having them stick around with the “Team Extreme” gimmick will get old quickly.

Vince McMahon and the company are supposedly assisting The Hardy Boys in their fight for the BROKEN gimmicks with TNA. When (not if) WWE and The Hardy Boys win, we can expect to see BROKEN Matt Hardy and Brother Nero on our television screens. The fans have been biting at the bit for it, and they are fixing to get their wish in the near future.

But once that is settled, then The Hardy Boys will be no more.

It’s no surprise that the BROKEN character is the best thing Matt Hardy has really done. Being over the age of forty, it’s very difficult to change your character and find success in it. Not only has he found success, but he is more over with the crowd now than he ever has been. He’s came a long way since those death-defying TLC matches.

As for Jeff, not much is different. He doesn’t try as grand of deadly moves as he did in the past, but of course he is a lot older now. He’s still very entertaining and can captivate an audience every single time, something current top guys have a problem doing.

It’s inevitable that they will split. The difference this time is Matt Hardy for one reason only; the BROKEN gimmick. That’s right, it’s going to get so over with the WWE Universe that he will be pushed into the main event picture for at least a little while. Matt is a former Heavyweight Champion in the WWE, but it was with the short-lived ECW championship. Now it’s time to see how he can handle the spotlight that comes with the WWE Universal Championship or the WWE Championship. With guys like Goldberg and Triple H winning the belts in their mid to late forties, then there shouldn’t be a problem with Matt Hardy doing the same thing.