The Taz Show Recap – NXT Thoughts, Program with Steve Austin that got Scrapped, What are Taz’s Favourite Suplexes? More!

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Block 3:

A listener calls into the show and asks Taz to list some of his favourite throws from his time working in the wrestling business. Taz says he loved to utilize a regular t-bone and a high collar t-bone suplex (exploder). He also regularly threw a northern lights suplex where he’d stick the bridge. There are other suplexes such as a half nelson and a high cradle Tazplex (trapping leg and head), which he tried to use periodically in order to keep them special.

Taz informs that he was basically a traditional 1 on 1 wrestler, but he loved FTW rules matches, which were basically ECW’s version of a Falls Count Anywhere. match. He wasn’t sure he would like that kind of match at first, but once he began participating in them he realized that they were a lot of fun.

Another listener calls into the show and asks Taz if he thinks Roman Reigns should move to Smackdown Live to challenge Randy Orton, so Braun Strowman would then be freed up on RAW to challenge Brock Lesnar..

Taz thinks that Reigns has to stick on RAW for a while now, at least until he can get a receipt against Strowman for the unholy beating that he received on RAW last week. Taz admits that Reigns and Orton could probably do some good business feuding over the WWE Championship, but Reigns has a lot of unfinished business on RAW at the moment.

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