Vince Russo’s The Brand Recap – Raw Analysis, Getting it Right with Strowman, Sasha Banks in the Doghouse? More!

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Similar to the Strowman/Angle promo that opened the show, Russo also thought the Samoa Joe/Seth Rollins promo was full of generic wrestling lines. He says that these guys are very talented, and he wishes that WWE Creative would just give them something better to work with.

Russo liked Strowman’s backstage rampage as he laid out The Golden Truth and Kalisto, but this is exactly what Kurt Angle told him not to do. Russo felt that WWE Creative should have had Angle more involved in the show as this was happening, because they have to protect their new GM. Angle was nowhere to be seen after the first promo of the show, and this made him look weak.

Russo thought that The Miz and Maryse did the exact same thing on this week’s show that they did last week. Lane thought The Miz had some great momentum on Smackdown and the writing there was perfect for him, but he feels that Miz has taken two steps back over the last two weeks on RAW. Russo says that there are two different writing teams, so obviously the Smackdown team knew how to write for The Miz.

Russo says that he had no interest in watching the Cruiserweight match between Jack Gallagher and T.J. Perkins. Lane thinks Russo would enjoy the Gallagher character because he’s actually working a gimmick, but Russo says he’s not watching a fake wrestling match between ‘midgets’.

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