The Taz Show Recap – Mahal’s Big Win, Injuries More Common at House Shows, Defining the term ‘Mark’, More!

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Block 2:

Taz says that he believes Luke Harper is due for a major singles push. Harper has been on the verge of the main event picture for a while now and he thinks it’s time for WWE to pull the trigger with him. If Taz was booking, he’d slightly repackage Harper because he doesn’t want to think about Bray Wyatt when he looks at Harper.

Taz liked the Women’s Championship angle that played out on Smackdown Live last night. WWE is clearly booking Charlotte as the alpha female, and that makes sense to Taz. Charlotte picked up a big win over Naomi to set up the next Championship match, and he thinks that should be a good feud.

A listener calls into the show and points out that a lot of WWE’s injuries occur during house shows, rather than on live television. Taz says that there are a lot more live events than television tapings, and you also work longer matches during house shows. He says that the wrestling business is very physical and there will always be risk of injuries. The lack of an ‘off-season’ certainly enhances that risk as well.

Taz informs that the term ‘mark’ is a derogatory term which derives from the carnival, where carnies would refer to some guests as ‘easy marks’. This meant that the carnies thought this person would be an easy target to make money from. Taz says Vince McMahon hates that term, and he has seen Vince McMahon get very upset when he has heard someone refer to the audience as ‘marks’ in the past.

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