Vince Russo’s The Brand Recap – Pleasing the Hardcore Fans, Entertainers Always Outdraw Good Workers, Is Undertaker Retired? More!

Next, Russo addresses a statement made by Jason Powell of Pro Wrestling Dot Net. Powell suggests that WWE may be keeping the door open for an Undertaker return at some point, and he wonders if he was running Smackdown Live, should he trade The Undertaker for a ‘player to be named later’ since Undertaker may never be useful to the blue brand again moving forward.

Russo laughs hysterically, and points out that WWE sealed the deal on The Undertaker’s retirement by the way they ended WrestleMania. In terms of Smackdown trading The Undertaker, he thinks that’s hilarious. This is two television shows owned by one company.

Lane plays an audio clip of Dave Meltzer from Wrestling Observer, where Meltzer speaks about WWE’s release of Simon Gotch. Meltzer feels that there was a ton of heat on Gotch within WWE, and this led to his release from the company. Russo points out that Meltzer’s source within WWE could be someone who didn’t like Gotch, and told Metlzer this information to paint Gotch in a negative light within the online wrestling community.