The Taz Show Recap – Smackdown Analysis, Owens’ Strong First Impression, Nakamura Speaks, More!

Block 4:

Taz welcomes television and radio personality Marc Malusis to the show.

Malusis is a wrestling fan and was able to watch the majority of this year’s WrestleMania before he had to go live on the air with his radio show. He thought WrestleMania this year was a great spectacle, but he didn’t think there were a whole lot of great wrestling matches on the card.

Malusis believes that it was time for The Undertaker to retire because his recent work in the ring hasn’t been at the level that he had set throughout his illustrious career. Kids today who have only seen The Undertaker over the last couple of years, have not seen the freak athlete who was climbing cells and flying over the top rope earlier in his career.

A listener calls into the show and admits that he thought RAW was going to steal all of Smackdown’s top talents this week, without sending anyone credible back the other way. He says he was wrong in this prediction, because the additions of Owens, Zayn, Charlotte and The New Day will really bolster the Smackdown Live roster.

Taz agrees and says that after Monday night things were looking pretty bleak for Smackdown, but things turned out great for them after seeing how last night’s show panned out.

That sums up today’s episode of The Taz Show. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya tomorrow for another recap!