The Taz Show Recap – Smackdown Analysis, Owens’ Strong First Impression, Nakamura Speaks, More!

Block 3:

Taz thought it was strange that the United States Title was presented above the World Championship last night. He thought that Randy Orton would have been better utilized by walking to the ring in a suit and cutting a promo, instead of having a somewhat meaningless match with Erick Rowan. Speaking of Rowan, Taz feels that the returning big man should be elevated higher on the card than he is right now.

Taz considered the tag team Title match between The Usos and American alpha to be the best match on last night’s show. He thought those four men put together a tremendous match.

A listener calls into the show and asks Taz if he and Michael Cole were ever handed scripts in a production meeting which made them question the creative. Taz says his job was to take these storylines and get them over with the audience through his position at the commentary table. He wasn’t in a position to tear down the writers, and he had no intentions of doing so.

He admits that if there was something in particular that he didn’t think would work, he’d approach Vince McMahon in his office and they’d talk it over. McMahon was never one to shut down his opinions; whether he agreed with Taz or not, he’d always be open to talking out the situation.