Predicting Brock Lesnar’s Next Opponents For the Universal Championship

Brock Lesnar can call himself the Universal Champion now after an excellent 5-minute match against Bill Goldberg at WrestleMania 33. With Goldberg leaving to go back to being a normal person, Lesnar is now in need of new opponents.

Who will step up to the plate? Who will look the Conqueror in the eye and say “may I please have the championship?” More importantly, will they be successful?

Braun Strowman

Mister Braun “Monster Among Men” Strowman has already called dibs on the right to face Lesnar for the Universal Championship. Paul Heyman was out flapping his gums while Brock was there jumping or whatever, and then Braun showed up. He claimed he would face Lesnar for the title after he was through with Roman “The ‘Big Dog’ Guy” Reigns.

While the match isn’t happening immediately (not at Payback, which is the next event after Wrestlemania), the Mountain of a Man and the Beast Incarnate will collide eventually. It will most likely be a slugfest where two hosses beat the living daylights out of each other.

While I don’t think Strowman will win, but I hope he takes Lesnar to his limits. The pair could make it a super physical match. No need for mat wrestling or lockups. Simply have them slug it out. Still, Lesnar will be walking away from Strowman the Universal Champion.

Finn Balor

Finn Balor never lost his Universal Championship. He relinquished it due to injury, but he was never actually defeated for the title. This means he has a title shot and a chance to reclaim his title (no word yet as to whether he will redesign or rebuild, though). Hopefully after Strowman gets his face punched in, Balor will remember that he is owed a rematch.

Is it entirely feasible that Balor can beat Brock? Absolutely. Will he? Probably not. Lesnar is going to add his scalp to his collection. Balor will be another notch in Brock’s massive belt. Hopefully it will be like Punk v Lesnar. Balor never stops fighting, and has to use his speed to avoid Brock’s sausage hands. If it’s a No Holds Barred match, both men should use lots of weapons to try and keep the other down. In the end, it will be Brock who triumphs.

Roman Reigns

You knew this was coming. I’m not even trying to be funny here. I honestly believe that Reigns and Lesnar are going to face off again. Heck, Paul Heyman even said so last week. Amidst all his woofing and barking, he said that the “2” in “23 – 2” should face off again.

Reigns has already beaten Lesnar before (at Fastlane, albeit in a triple threat where he pinned good ol’ Dean). In one on one action, though, the victor is still undecided (curse you, Seth Rollins). Let’s not even kid ourselves, Wrestlemania 31’s main event was a great match, even before Rollins showed up. It was an intense, violent bout. There was even blood, as Lesnar bumped his head into the ring post.

This will be the match where the Conqueror is conquered. Reigns will beat the beast.

The plan for a while now has always been for Reigns to be the top dog (as well as the Big Dog) of the company. What better way to cement that than by having him beat Lesnar? It will be a moment four years in the making.

Sure, he beat Triple H but that’s nothing compared to Lesnar. HHH has the most Wrestlemania loses. Ever. Even more than Big Show. So Lesnar will be a bigger feather in Reign’s cap. Reigns beats Brock, then Reigns will remain on top for a very long time. Beleedat.

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