Vince Russo’s The Brand Recap – Dirt Sheet Rant, Burying Wrestling Journalists, Good Workers Don’t Always Get Over, More!

Russo plays another clip, where they talk about a potential dream match between the Young Bucks and The New Day or The Revival. Russo can’t believe that grown men are sitting around having these conversations, and he certainly can’t believe that other grown men are sitting around listening to these shows.

Next he plays a clip from Wrestling Observer’s Bryan Alvarez, where Alvarez says that The Miz works WWE ‘s ‘soft style’ in the ring. Russo says that Alvarez is an indie wrestler who was never good enough to make it in the business, and now he’s recording a podcast where he’s ‘rating’ The Miz. Russo says that the entire business is ‘soft style’ because it’s all a work.

Russo plays a clip of Dave Meltzer, who says he heard a different version of a story that Kurt Angle told during his induction speech. Russo says the keyword here is that Meltzer ‘heard’ a different version of that story. He thinks it’s ridiculous that someone would combat a story they’re hearing right from the talent’s mouth. Meltzer and these other guys have to say ‘heard’ because they never know this stuff for sure. They’re constantly spreading rumours with no proof.