Five NXT Call Ups That Have Failed on the Main Roster

Tyler Breeze

Tyler Breeze was recently seen on TV getting speared by Nikki Bella. That moment alone pretty much sums up Breeze’s run on the main roster since his debut back in October 2015.

Thing started brightly for Breeze, who had been a great talent in NXT, when he debuted during a MizTV segment and beat down Dolph Ziggler, setting up a feud between the two. Oddly, though, the company decided to have him lose his first televised match to Dean Ambrose, instantly killing any momentum his first few promos had earned him.

He would go on to beat Ziggler at Survivor Series 2015 but would then go on to lose several rematches to him in the coming weeks. Breeze would then break up with his on-screen partner Summer Rae and go on a ridiculous 20 match losing streak across all WWE shows.

This streak would end when he defeated R-Truth on Raw in May 2016, but the damage had already been done this by point. He then teamed up with fellow jobber Fandango, forming the Breezango tag team which is in today.

It would appear that the damage done to Breeze is irreparable, but stranger things have happened in the WWE. Breezango is fairly active on TV as the Fashion Police at the moment and their gimmick is slowly getting over with the fans. I wouldn’t hold your breath, but maybe, just maybe, they can get a serious shot at some tag team gold one day.
The Ascension

Viktor and Konnor, also known as The Ascension had the longest NXT title reign in the company’s history, holding the belts for one day shy of a year before losing them to Kalisto and Sin Cara.

Shortly after they dropped the belts the team were called up to the WWE after a series of vignettes began to air on Smackdown. Except when they arrived, their gimmick had been altered slightly. They were still The Ascension, but now they were dressed in Road Warrior inspired attire and were comparing themselves to former tag teams of a similar aesthetic.

In terms of victories after their debut, they were booked fairly strongly for the first couple of months, beating local talent and picking up a PPV victory over the New Age Outlaws at The Royal Rumble 2015. However, from day one of their debut, the booking of the gimmick destined them for failure. The duo would admit that they were a rip off of teams gone by, and the commentators constantly told us that they were not as good as their predecessors.

This made The Ascension look weak and it wasn’t long before the match results began mirroring this either. Once the team’s unbeaten TV run came to an end, they lost all momentum and never failed to gain it back, becoming the division’s job squad for the duration of the year.

A brief team up with Stardust offered the duo a new sense of direction but ended up being short-lived, and since then they have become nothing more than a joke on television, with Enzo and Cass once quipping that ‘It could be worse, you could be The Ascension.’

Viktor and Konnor are extremely talented performers and the company continues to waste them. Perhaps a return to the development might benefit them, either that or they could drop the Road Warrior inspired look and return to The Ascension that made them great in the first place.