Five NXT Call Ups That Have Failed on the Main Roster

Apollo Crews

Apollo Crews, like The Vaudevillians, was another call up who suffered from the Enzo and Cass effect. Arriving on the same night as the popular duo Apollo’s debut was kind of just forgotten about and the character has not been given a chance to show his personality in the company since.

His debut year was underwhelming, to say the least. A brief feud with The Miz for the Intercontinental title delivered a handful of rushed, mediocre matches and since that he just slipped further and further down the card. His last feud of note was a bizarre series of matches with Dolph Ziggler, including one where he and Kalisto teamed up in a handicap match against the show off at Elimination Chamber in an example of some of the company’s most bizarre booking in the last 12 months.

Apollo Crews, perhaps more than any other talent on the list can still be redeemed and with so many NXT stars being called up to the main roster, now would be the perfect time to send him back to NXT and let him hone his craft a little more.