Predicting Shinsuke Nakamura’s First 3 Opponents

2. Randy Orton

If WWE can make Finn Balor an inaugural champion within two months of his main roster debut, then maybe they won’t wait so long to pull the trigger on Nakamura. The man is a bona-fide main event talent, and once he dispatches the Miz, he should have his eyes on a new target: the WWE Champion.

Let’s face it, Randy Orton is going to win Bray Wyatt’s Scooby Doo House of Horrors match. That’s a given. So who can Orton face? The King of Strong Style, of course. Both men are actually similar. They  are both known for their fluidity and grace within the ropes. When they try, they are some of the greatest. Of course, both men are known for coasting often, resting on their laurels and natural talent. They know that when they perform at 50 percent, the match is already better than bad.

When these two step in the ring against each other for the first time (hopefully at Summerslam), they should both bring their A-game. Orton is notorious for not having chemistry with a lot of people. However he performs well against technical or fluid wrestlers such as AJ Styles and Christian. Hopefully he and Nakamura can click, because they can put on the match of the night. Nakamura should win, because duh. Orton is already established; Nakamura winning will cement just how big of a deal he is.