Bischoff on Wrestling Recap w/ DDP – WrestleMania Thoughts, Hall of Fame Experience, Burying Heat with Flair, More!

Bischoff welcomes DDP to the show.

DDP thanks Bischoff for inducting him into the WWE Hall of Fame with a terrific induction speech. Bischoff admits that he was concerned that WWE would ask him to change or edit his speech, but he was relieved that they didn’t.

DDP says that WWE does ask inductors to change their speech on occasion, and they actually asked him to change his induction speech for Jake ‘The Snake’ Robert’s. Triple H personally asked him to take out some of the ‘darkness’ and throw in a funny story or two, so that’s what DDP did.

DDP thought Rick Rude’s son gave a great speech on Friday night. DDP was able to interact with him backstage before the event, and he thinks Rude Jr. is a WWE Superstar in the making if he really wants to be. Rude Jr. admitted to being nervous backstage before giving his speech and DDP consoled him, but once he got on that stage he was money.

He says he spoke to Beth Phoenix backstage, who was nervous about delivering her speech as well. He thought she did a great job, and Teddy Long made him ‘pop’ throughout his entire speech. He says that his  favourite speech of the evening was probably Kurt Angle, and Bischoff agrees saying that there’s something ‘other-worldly’ about Angle.

DDP says that he was thrilled to see Edge this past weekend. He always had an amazing relationship with Edge, and it was nice catching up with him. He also says that a lot of the Canadian performers such as Edge and Chris Jericho are great people, and they were clearly raised the right way from the start.