Bischoff on Wrestling Recap w/ DDP – WrestleMania Thoughts, Hall of Fame Experience, Burying Heat with Flair, More!

Bischoff thought that The Undertaker’s retirement was a incredible moment on Sunday night. He informs that he saw Undertaker backstage on Sunday, and they waved to each other from afar. It was evident to Bischoff from the way that Undertaker was walking, that it was probably time for him to hang up his boots. For that reason, his retirement ceremony after the main event match didn’t really surprise Bischoff.

Bischoff says that he didn’t watch RAW on Monday, but Hausman describes to him the opening segment of the show, where Reigns was getting booed out of the building by the live audience. Bischoff says that he’s so excited to watch that now, because he’s always been a fan of Reigns and he thinks Reigns is going to make an extremely good heel.

Speaking about the length of WrestleMania, Bischoff says that 7 hours is obviously too long, but Dave Meltzer’s idea of splitting WrestleMania into a two-night event would suck the life out of the event’s momentum in Bischoff’s opinion.

Hausman says that WWE announced this week that they now have reached 2 Million total subscribers. Bischoff thinks the success of the WWE Network has been incredible. WWE took a huge risk initially by using their PPVs to sell the WWE Network, thereby losing a huge revenue stream, and it has apparently paid off in spades.