WWE 205 Live Results – April 4 2017

The show starts off with a highlight of Austin Aries vs. Neville at WrestleMania. The Orlando crowd, still hot off of WrestleMania is in full voice and hype for tonight’s show. Easily the loudest 205 Live crowd to date.

The announcers talk the recent goings-on between Brian Kendrick and Akira Tozawa, showing recaps. The rematch is up next!

Kendrick cuts a promo on his way to the ring. He says Tozawa really doesn’t get it. He’s going to teach him lesson #10. The fans start chanting “Ten! Ten! Ten!” Kendrick immediately picks on them, says he thought they were a bunch of goofballs, but he judged a book by it’s cover. Anyhow, he says it’s not about athleticism, it’s about psychological supremacy.

Akira Tozawa vs. The Brian Kendrick

Kendrick immediately bails out of the ring. Tozawa chases him around and catches him with a running boot followed by a senton for two. Kendrick dodges a punch from Tozawa with a roll-up, but Tozawa kicks out and connects with a punch anyhow. Kendrick hits a thumb to the eyes and gets a two-count. Kendrick goes for a Captain’s Hook, and even yanks the nose, rolling it into a Camel Clutch.

Tozawa starts to pick up steam, hitting a running elbow in the corner, and follows it with a running boot. He hits a snap hurricarana and sends Kendrick to the mat. He dives through the ropes with a flying headbutt. Kendrick takes out the feet on the top rope. Kendrick drops to the mat and complains Tozawa poked him in the eye.

Tozawa comes down off the top rope, and he immediately clutches his knee, screaming in pain. The referee checks on him and Kendrick moves in, but the ref pushes him away. Tozawa continues to clutch the knee, and out of nowhere, runs up to a distracted Kendrick and rolls him up for the three!

Winner: Akira Tozawa

After the match, Tozawa grabs the mic and tells Kendrick that that was lesson #1: psychological supremacy and the crowd love it!

Rich Swann Vs. Orney Lorcan

Lorcan is from NXT, but this doesn’t seem to be a call-up, best I can tell. Anyhow, he immediately attacks Swann with an running uppercut. He hits a series of running attacks. The two duck each other’s offense, but Lorcan hits a nasty clothesline for two.

Lorcan hits a series of chops and a knee in the corner. He stretches Swann out in the middle of the ring. Lorcan hangs Swann up over the ropes. He keeps Swann grounded. Swann breaks free and goes up top, but he’s immediately crotched on the top rope. Lorcan goes for suplex, but Swann fights free, but it’s short lived. He hits the suplex, but Swann actually lands on his feet. Swann catches him with a back kick. Lorcan hits a nasty Alabama Slam into the turnbuckles. That looked nasty, but it was only good for two.

Swann rallies with punches and running clotheslines. Swann and Lorcan trade kicks, and Swann caps his off with a top rope hurricarana. He hits a Phoenix Splash for the win.

Winner: Rich Swann

After the match, Swann grabs a mic and addressed Orlando. He says he needs to get something off his chest – for weeks there’s been a pretty little lady by the name of Alicia Fox who’s been getting presents delivered. He says for weeks Noam Dar has been taking credit for the gifts, but it wasn’t Noam – it was Swann himself that gave her the gifts.

We see Mustafa Ali walking backstage when Drew Gulak stops him. He says the WWE Universe was impressed with him last week. Gulak wants him to consider wrestling a little more conservatively. Ali says he’s not buying what Gulak’s selling. Gulak says change is coming, and wanted him to be on the right side of history. He walks away.

Tom Phillips says he wants to re-introduce us to some familiar faces, and we go to the entrance ramp, where members of the United Kingdom Tournament stand – Trent Seven, Mark Andrews, Wolfgang, and Pete Dunne. And then, the United Kingdom Champion, Tyler Bate’s music hits. He walks out, holding the belt high. They are touring with 205 Live in May in the United Kingdom, and coming soon, a weekly show.

Neville heads to the ring.

He takes the mic and says there is noone on the “Neville Level.”  It feels good to be proven right. He says the fans wouldn’t know – they backed Austin Aries. Neville says his victory at Wrestlemania was a crowning moment in his storied career. He says there are still people that want to belittle his legacy. He addresses the “rumors” he gouged Aries’ orbital socket out of desperation.  “That’s ridiculous. I did that because he deserved it!”  He leads the fans in a “Hip hip hooray!” chant.

He gives thanks and gratitude. He says thanks to the fans for never believing in him – we lit a fire in his belly, and he became royalty. He also thanks Austin Aries for being such a detestable clown to obliterate.  He thanks the entire 205 Live roster for their persistent futile attempts to take his belt, and it’s only bolstered his reputation. He’s looking forward to watching the Fatal 4-Way match.

Fatal 4-Way Number One Contender’s Match

Austin Aries Vs. T.J Perkins Vs. Jack Gallagher Vs. Mustafa Ali

All four men shake hands before the bell rings. They split off and attack. Aries and Ali, Perkins and Gallagher. Gallagher is sent out of the ring early on, Ali shortly after. It’s Aries and Perkins right now, and the two trade holds, with Perkins hitting a springboard arm drag. He dodges Ali and hits a corkscrew plancha. Gallagher kicks him off the apron. He grabs his umbrella, but Aries cuts him off.  He hits an arm drag and a low dropkick.  Gallagher rolls out of the ring. Aries poses on the ropes.

Perkins back in, he counters Aries with an elbow and hits a bulldog/clothesline combo. Wrecking ball dropkick on the apron. Ali back in, he hits a hurricarana and a spin kick for two. Gallagher comes in and takes on Ali, and Gallagher does his handstand in the corner, but Aries pushes him over. Perkins hits a springboard dropkick on Ali, and he rolls up a kneebar on Gallagher. Aries comes in and turns Perkins into a Last Chancery. Ali breaks it up with a dropkick to both men.

Ali hits a springboard cross body for two. Gallagher and Perkins go at it, Aries moves in for a reverse DDT, and Ali hits a rolling neckbreaker, and all four are down.

The fans chant for Ali. Aries cuts him off on the top turnbuckle. Aries goes for a suplex. Perkins gets in the mix with an electric chair. Aries pushes him into Ali on the top rope. He and Gallagher use Perkins as a step stool and suplex Ali from the top rope.  Aries and Gallagher both make pins for two.

Aries hits a gutbuster/STO/pendulum elbow combo. Rollup on Gallagher for two. He ducks a clothesline and takes out Perkins and Ali at ringside. Gallagher grabs his umbrella once more, opens it up and goes leaping off the top rope onto everyone else.

Gallagher misses a running dropkick in the corner. Ali elbows Perkins in the face and hits a springboard DDT for two, as Aries breaks the pin. Aries misses a running elbow in the corner. He grabs Ali and sets him up, but out of nowhere, Gallagher comes running in and hits a dropkick on Ali instead of Aries, sending Ali to the floor. Gallagher and Aries trade blows.

Aries is out, and Perkins is in. He and Gallagher trade forearms. Perkins hits a flurry and a detonation kick, Gallagher fires back with a headbutt. Aries runs in and takes out Perkins with a discus forearm, and it puts Perkins away.

Winner: Austin Aries

That’s it for this week’s 205 Live! Are you looking forward to Neville Vs. Aries II? Let us know in the comments and I’ll see you back here next week for Monday Night Raw and the Superstar Shake-Up! Until then, safe travels!