The Taz Show Recap – Raw Analysis, Reigns Cuts A Defining Promo, Are the Hardys Broken? More!

Block 3:

Taz welcomes Mike Johnson from PWInsider to the show.

Johnson points out that WWE was not happy internally with their WWE Network subscriber count. They really wanted to brag about having 2 Million subscribers after WrestleMania, but they fell just short of that mark. Johnson still considers the Network a success and WWE should as well, but it’s obvious that if you’re working for Vince McMahon you need to constantly deliver results.

Johnson informs that WWE has already locked down deals with Progress Wrestling and Insane Championship Wrestling, they just haven’t announced it publicly yet. It has also been rumoured that WWE wants to work with ROH as well in order to show their programming on the Network. Johnson says that it’s only a matter of time before WWE rolls out the tiered subscription options for the Network.

Johnson points out that WWE is too smart to walk into a legal minefield regarding the ‘Broken’ Hardy gimmick. He admits that it was strange to hear Matt talking without the ‘Broken’ accent over the last couple of days, but as of right now that’s what WWE fans should expect.

Taz feels that Vince McMahon gravitates towards things he knows. He remembers Matt and Jeff as The Hardy Boyz who make their name in WWE years ago, and therefore that’s how he wanted to present them upon their return to the company. A listener calls into the show and says we might see an eventual transition in the ‘Broken’ gimmick, and Taz doesn’t disagree with that notion at all.