The Taz Show Recap – Raw Analysis, Reigns Cuts A Defining Promo, Are the Hardys Broken? More!

Block 2:

Taz talks about the return of the Hardy Boyz. He says that it doesn’t appear as if WWE wants to take the risk of using the ‘Broken’ gimmick to the extent that fans are accustomed to from their time in TNA. This is probably due to the pending lawsuit between TNA and The Hardys over who own ownership of that gimmick.

Taz says that he doesn’t think they need to specifically use the word ‘Broken’ in order to get The Hardys’ new style over in WWE. He admits that it’s a bit strange that Matt Hardy is only partially ‘Broken’ right now, and Jeff seems to be the ‘Charismatic Enigma’ that WWE fans have known for years. Because of this there’s some general confusion in terms of the characters’ direction, but we’ll probably get some answers in the coming weeks.

Taz thought it was great that fans got to see Vince McMahon last night. He says he’s a huge fan of McMahon, and the interaction between McMahon and Teddy Long was very funny. In another surprise, McMahon announced that RAW’s new GM will be Kurt Angle and Taz thought that was fantastic.

A listener calls into the show and says that Roman Reigns is never going to be loved by WWE fans. Taz doesn’t disagree with the caller, and says that he would have had Reigns turn full heel at WrestleMania if he was booking. Then WWE could have went all-in with Lesnar as a babyface, and had a year-long built to a Universal Title match between those two at WrestleMania next year.