Vince Russo’s The Brand Recap w/ Jillian Hall – The Mole Gimmick, Asking for WWE Release, Making A Wrestling Comeback, More!

Hall says that she has a hard time sitting through 3 hours of RAW these days. To her, the show is basically the same thing over and over again for 3 hours and she gets bored with it. Russo agrees with Hall and says today’s product is unbearable at times.

Hall was released from her WWE contract in 2010 after asking for her release because she was tired of travelling and she wanted to start a family. Initially WWE was reluctant to release her, and offered her a different option instead. She would be paid to train the women at FCW a couple of days each week and then wrestle with the main roster from time to time. She thought that was a great deal but after only a couple of months, she received a call telling her that she was going to be released.

She informs that she’s attempting a professional wrestling comeback, but Russo points out that he doesn’t truly believe that it’s in her heart at this point. He says he struggles with the same thoughts from time to time, but when he takes a good look at it he realizes that the business is still the same now as it was when it drove him out several years ago.

Hall says that she accomplished her childhood dream by making it as a professional wrestler, and it’s very hard to find something new to do at this point in her life. She was a good wrestler and she’s 36 years old now, so she has to make a decision. She knows for sure that she’d never be able to do the regular day job thing, because that’s simply not for her.