Vince Russo’s The Brand Recap w/ Jillian Hall – The Mole Gimmick, Asking for WWE Release, Making A Wrestling Comeback, More!

Hall says she worked so hard for such a long time in order to get this opportunity, and she even changed her appearance in order to better fit the mould of a WWE Diva. When she finally got her opportunity she was forced to deal with this terrible ‘mole’ gimmick. It lasted for roughly 6 months, and she was fairly certain she was going to be fired after that.

McMahon told her that her ability to act saved her job, and after The Boogeyman bit the mole off of her face – effectively ending that gimmick – she was back on WWE television the next week and was told to act normal, as if nothing had ever happened.

Hall informs that for an extended period of time she was sent out with other divas to take off their clothes at WWE events and wait for fans to either cheer or boo. She got very tired of this, and one night right before she was about to go out she told Fit Finlay that she was going to sing instead. It got massive heat from the live audience that night and the company loved it.

Russo says that was a big risk for Hall to take because if that didn’t go well, she might not have been employed by WWE for much longer after that. Hall says that it was definitely a risk, but she didn’t care at that point because anything was better than the monotony of taking her robe off in the middle of the ring night after night.