Kurt Angle Says He Paid a Judge Off To Toss His DUI Case

Kurt Angle recently spoke with the Nation Post. Here are some highlights from the interview:

Paying off a judge to get charges tossed on his fifth DUI: “I paid the judge off – $800 and he threw the case out.”

Addiction to painkillers: “The first time I took a painkiller, wow, I felt invincible. I knew right away that I liked it and I was going to continue regardless whether it might kill me.”

Switching from Vicodin to Soma: “The Soma seemed to make me pass out. That’s all I wanted to do at that point. I wasn’t happy with my life. I wasn’t happy with my relationship. I wasn’t happy with getting injured all the time. I wasn’t happy with family passing away.”

Wrestling being his saving grace: “The marriage, the injuries, the personal relationships, all the travelling. Everything was shit except that ring. It was my saving grace.”