Talk is Jericho Recap w/ Big Cass – Origins of the ‘SAWFT’ Catchphrase, Transitioning from NXT to WWE, Dusty’s Influence, More!

Cass informs that he was always a huge fan of professional wrestling. He attended several live WWE shows and can remember waiting for tickets to go on sale online with his father to make sure they didn’t miss it. He was never a tall kid, but he hit a growth spurt in high school where he grew several inches in one summer. At that point he started to think that a career in professional wrestling was a possibility.

He was always a big fan of Bret Hart and as WWE transitioned into the attitude era he became a fan of wrestlers such as Steve Austin, Triple H and Brock Lesnar.

He began his training at Johnny Rodz’ wrestling school, and even at his age Rodz could get in the ring and stretch them pretty good. He started wrestling with a cowboy gimmick. Jericho laughs and informs that he started out as ‘Cowboy’ Chris Jericho as well, but managed to sneak out of that gimmick before having to wrestle.

When he finally got signed by WWE he pitched a lot of names to the creative team. He was asked to give them a list of 25 potential first names and 25 potential last names. Finally they settled on Colin Cassidy.

Cass informs that there are a lot of differences between working at NXT and on the main roster. He says that everything is bigger on the main roster. The crowds are larger and you’re recognized more. The travel is also much tougher.