Talk is Jericho Recap w/ Big Cass – Origins of the ‘SAWFT’ Catchphrase, Transitioning from NXT to WWE, Dusty’s Influence, More!

Cass informs that Dusty Rhodes was really behind him and Enzo, and would often make them sit down and cut promos on everyone else in the locker room. Dusty told them that when they start getting booked on NXT, take no prisoners and don’t worry about hurting feelings. If anyone has any issues with that he told them to say that Dusty sent them.

Cass says that he and Enzo were friends before they started tagging, and they would get together at his house on Tuesday nights and write material for Dusty’s promo class. One night at an NXT live event, John Cena was there because this was at a point when they needed to bring in WWE stars to draw the house. Enzo cut a promo and caught Cena’s attention, and then Tyler Breeze told Cena that Enzo and Cass are great on the mic together.

Cena had a dark segment with Damien Sandow that night, and just before they went out he approached Enzo and Cass and asked them to come out for the dark segment. They were thrilled even though they had nothing planned, because they had loads of material from Dusty’s classes and their Tuesday night writing sessions. During that segment Enzo called Sandow ‘SAWFT’, and the fans gravitated to it immidiately.

After that night they started getting booked on NXT regularly as a tag team, and their ‘SAWFT’ catchphrase was born.