Vince Russo’s The Brand Recap – WrestleMania X Review, Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon, Bret vs. Owen, More!

Russo says that he was never a fan of former WWE personality Todd Pettengill. He says that Pettengill was a radio host who just found his way into the wrestling business somehow, and Russo believes that Pettengill always felt that the wrestling business was beneath him.

He says that it was so refreshing to watch a ‘normal wrestling crowd’ during this event. There were no ‘This is Awesome’ chants, and there didn’t need to be. The action was always awesome during these days, and fans acted accordingly to the action they saw in the middle of the ring.

Russo says that he’s such a mark for Curt Henning. He has no issue putting Henning in the same class as Roddy Piper and Randy Savage, but he’s not sure that many other people would consider Henning at that level. Henning was never WWE Champion, and while that probably makes him underrated in most fans eyes, Russo says that there were so many stars back then that WWE couldn’t make everyone Champion.

One thing that stands out to Russo about this show is the appearance of all the wrestlers. He says that everyone on this show was ripped, and clearly none of these guys were missing a day at the gym. Today, appearance is obviously not important to WWE’s performers because if it was, guys wouldn’t look like Owens, Zayn and Balor.

What Russo doesn’t understand about today’s WWE, is that the performers aren’t required to look good or work out, but Triple H, Stephanie and Vince are all gym rats. He doesn’t understand how that philosophy doesn’t trickle down from the top.