Vince Russo’s The Brand Recap – WrestleMania X Review, Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon, Bret vs. Owen, More!

Russo remembers attending his first WrestleMania fan fest, while he was working under Linda McMahon at the WWE Magazine. Linda McMahon approached him at the event and told him to ‘lose the gum’, because he was chewing gum while he was talking to fans at the booth. Russo will never forget that moment, and he still can’t believe that he was 33 years old and had to be told to lose the gum while speaking with people.

Russo credits Vince McMahon for keeping his energy up at the commentary table for the entire 3 hour show. Russo says that he completely forgot how good McMahon was at the commentary table, and he adds that there haven’t been many commentators since who have been better than McMahon. Russo points out that WWE is McMahon’s company, so it’s a lot easier to keep your energy up when you’re speaking about your own company.

Bret and Owen Hart had one of the greatest matches of all time on this show. Russo says that the match was very important to Owen, because most of the promos Owen cut leading up to the match were a shoot. Owen always felt like he was in Bret’s shadow, and he was finally able to compete on the same level as Bret. Russo calls this match a ‘clinic’, and admits that he wanted to cry while watching it because it was that good.

Russo points out that Bret sold the Figure 4 Leg Lock tremendously, and nowadays that manoeuvre means nothing. While Bret and Owen went out and did everything in their power to make the match look real, today’s performers aren’t worried about that at all because they’re too worried about getting to their next spot.