The Taz Show Recap – RAW Underwhelms, Undertaker Passing the Torch, Cruiserweights Moved to Pre-Show, More!

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Block 2:

He points out that the segment on it’s own was fine. The eventual tag team match was actually given lots of time and they delivered a great match. Unfortunately, Taz doesn’t believe that the start of the show was the spot to highlight the Women’s Championship angle.

He says that typically, WWE would want someone to open the show who can attack viewers verbally. Varying styles on the mic is a good thing, but Bayley’s style does not fit the mould of what you’d typically want to kick off a go-home episode of Monday Night RAW.

A listener calls into the show and says he can’t believe that WWE has relegated the Cruiserweight Title match to the pre-show. He says that WWE has been pushing the cruiserweights all year, and now that they’ve finally built a match with some genuine intrigue, they put it on pre-show. Taz says that WWE is probably afraid that Neville and Aries will steal the show, therefore they moved their match off of the main card.

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