The Ross Report Recap w/ Goldberg – Initial Plans for Comeback, WrestleMania Match to be A ‘Bloodbath’, Plans Moving Forward, More!

Ross welcomes Goldberg to the show.

Goldberg says the real reason he returned to WWE at this time is so his son and wife could see him perform at this point in his life. Sometimes he can’t even believe that he is in the middle of a professional wrestling¬†return, but he’s pretty sure his family is enjoying it and he’s definitely having fun with it.

He says that he’s still re-learning a lot of the subtleties of his character several months into his WWE return. He says he hasn’t thought about a lot of those things in 13 years, and he’s fairly certain he’ll only have a lot of those things conquered again just as it’s time for him to step away.

Ross says that Goldberg’s reception on the first night of his return was quite exceptional, and he believes that WWE was impressed and maybe even surprised by the reception Goldberg received. Goldberg agrees that the reception has been unbelievable, but he has felt the pressure that comes with that. It’s important for him to be able to go out and deliver what fans expect from him.

Goldberg says that when he initially returned, there were no plans for him to stick around until WrestleMania. He had no intention of working this long, but he thinks that WWE kept him around longer than originally planned because they were impressed with the fans’ reaction to him. He is incredibly grateful for the opportunity he has been given by WWE, and he doesn’t take it for granted for one second.

Written by Brad Tuck

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