Talk is Jericho Recap w/ Haku – Teaming with Andre the Giant, Working in Mexico, WCW Program with Goldberg, More!

This led to a stand-off between Jericho and the security staff which caught the attention of Haku, who was boarding a ways behind Jericho. He rushed up to help Jericho just as police were arriving on the scene with their guns drawn. Luckily, this whole situation was dissolved by a lady who was in a management position at the airport. They were brought into a small room at the airport for several hours, where they were basically told to pay money in return for their release.

After all of this, Jericho and Haku caught a later flight and arrived in time for their show that night, but after their match the promoter told them that he wasn’t going to pay for their second flight. Haku was furious and actually ripped off the door to the promoter’s office, who quickly decided to change his mind and pay them both.

Haku says that for some reason it was always difficult to get paid the money you were owed while working in Mexico. He recalls some of those situations that he was in, where he was forced to get physically involved with promoters, and he considers himself lucky that he was never stabbed or shot. He says he’s lucky to be alive.

Haku says he really enjoyed working as ‘Meng’ in WCW. He actually thinks that might have been the best part of his career. He feels like WWE creative ‘let him out of a cage’ creatively with that character, and he was really able to relate to that character more so than any of the other characters he portrayed throughout his career.