Talk is Jericho Recap w/ Haku – Teaming with Andre the Giant, Working in Mexico, WCW Program with Goldberg, More!

Haku says it was a tremendous experience for him, coming for a small Island to traveling all round the United States with WWE. It was always a goal for him to work for Vince McMahon and WWE, and he developed a great relationship with McMahon and his entire family. He says it was a pleasure to work for them.

He eventually became WWE Tag Team Champions with Andre the Giant, which he informs was an incredible experience. He says during their tag team run, he traveled with Andre quite a bit. This led to them doing a lot of drinking, and even though Haku considered himself to be a pretty hearty drinker, he was no match for Andre in that department.

Jericho asks Haku about his first departure from WWE. Haku says that he was beginning to feel stifled there and he thought the timing was right for him to leave and head back to Japan or Mexico for a while. This would give him a break from WWE, and then he could come back to the company fresher and hotter than ever. McMahon agreed, but Haku’s return to WWE wouldn’t come until nearly a decade later.

Jericho recalls working with Haku in Mexico. One time while they were attempting to board a flight to a show, Jericho was given a hard time by the airport security. They were purposely stalling him, and even began making fun of his Title belt (since Jericho was a Champion in Mexico at that time). Jericho was very frustrated and when someone grabbed him on the shoulder, he responded by turning around and shoving this person. Unfortunately for Jericho, it was a female security guard.