It was reported yesterday via Pro Wrestling Sheet that WWE has approached the Sinclair Broadcast Group about possibly buying out Ring of Honor.

Dave Meltzer mentioned on the recent installment of Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE approached Sinclair back in August of 2016. It’s being said that at that time WWE wanted to purchase the tape library, which was the rumor going around at that time. They can use the library for WWE Network content and upcoming DVDs.

Meltzer added that there are a lot of non-disclosures and people within both companies aren’t really allowed to talk about it. It’s not sure what kind of money offer WWE put out but because Ring of Honor has a deal with Flo, the offer probably wasn’t cheap.

Meltzer was asked what the plans would be for Ring of Honor if they were bought out and he said the plans would have been the same as if they were going to buy TNA. That would be to use the tape library and remove the competition.

In regards to the talent, Meltzer speculates that if they were to bring in people from Ring of Honor, they would be put in NXT. He says there is a chance that some could appear on the main roster, but it’s doubtful. It’s still very early in the game to make any calls.

Steve Carrier

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