WWE SmackDown Live Results – March 21 2017

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Renee is backstage with Randy Orton. She asks what Randy’s response is to what Bray did last week. Randy says he doesn’t know, he doesn’t know how to get rid of Bray Wyatt. The lights start to flicker before going completely out. They come back and Randy is surrounded by men in green overalls and goat masks. Randy throws an elbow and tries to fight but they quickly beat him down. The men drag Orton to a wall and hold his head up. Wyatt then walks in and, with a red cross on a stick, baptises Orton. Bray says Orton exposed his one flaw but that flaw became his greatest strength. He says Abigail is with him now, burning bright. He thanks Randy. Bray sings “He’s Got The Whole World”, while staring at Orton.

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Fandango comes out for his match, alongside a Tyler Breeze dressed as Nikki Bella.

Before the match starts Fandango takes the mic and gives Cena tickets. He finally tells him that he will expose him for the poor wrestler that he is. He then introduces his ‘muscle’ as Breezy Bella. Cena points toward the ramp and Nikki Bella walks down it.

Fandango Vs. John Cena

After Fandango throws some tickets at Cena, John takes control and finishes with a five knuckle shuffle. Breeze tries to help Fandango but is speared by Nikki Bella. The couple then plant the tag team in sync with an AA and a rack attack 2.0. They then finish the bout with the STF.

Winner: John Cena

After the break we will get Carmella Vs. Becky Lynch!

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Becky Lynch Vs. Carmella

Becky starts with a spin kick to the body and Carmella rolls out of the ring. Lynch follows his and lands a right hand. As they re-enter Carmella lands a boot to her face. However, before she can take advantage, she is ambushed by Natalya who clotheslines her.

Winner Via Disqualification: Carmella

Ellsworth then joins the battle, followed by the Champion, Alexa Bliss. James takes out Natalya and is in-urn taken out by Bliss. Lynch then dives on Ellsworth and Carmella from the third rope and hits Ellsworth. After all the chaos, Alexa is left standing tall in the centre of the ring.

After the break we will get more from the lost episode of Total Bella’s!

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We’re shown another episode of the Total Bella’s parody…

Renee catches up with Styles backstage and asks him of his intentions. A car pulls up and Rhyno & Slater walk out, meanwhile Shane’s music goes off in the arena. He strolls down the ramp and into the ring, as confident as ever. He tells AJ that he’s now looking for him. Backstage, Renee tells Styles that Shane is in the ring. AJ looks confused as we head to a break.

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Shane is still waiting in the ring as we return. Shane, with his shiner, says AJ always acts the tough guy when he isn’t here or has his back turned. Shane invites him to the ring again. He says AJ could have resolved this like a man; talk to him one-on-one, maybe even throw-down. However, he opted to attack him from behind and made the problem so much worse. So either AJ can come to the ring, or he can come back there.

We see AJ walking towards the ring, breathing deep, as Shane watches from ringside.  It’s kinda odd how long the video is of AJ walking backstage, the fans get restless and Shane just wanders around the ring. AJ gets into gorilla and stops, grabbing a mic, before walking out.

AJ comes to the stage and stops. He tells Shane to calm down. He says Shane needs to understand what he’s been through – he went off the deep end after losing his WrestleMania main event.

He goes on to say that Shane did him a favour and says he’s not like the other McMahons. He then says that he is going to walk into the ring and sincerely apologise man to man. As soon as he steps in, Shane rains right hands. AJ manages to suplex Shane into the barricade. Styles picks up Shane, who turns around into an overhead suplex.

Shane then dismantles the announce table, hits AJ with the TV monitor, before climbing the top turnbuckle and leaping off with an elbow drop to Styles! We see lots of replays and Shane slowly gets to his feet.

That’s the show! Don’t forget to jump over to our 205 Live results and until next time, safe travels.

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