WWE SmackDown Live Results – March 21 2017

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SmackDown Live opens with a recap of AJ Styles’ heinous attack on Shane McMahon last week.

We see Daniel Bryan backstage and he is joined by Styles, who seems like he’s in a good mood. AJ asks about Shane and Bryan tells him he has no idea what he’s gotten himself into. Bryan says that Shane was a man about the situation because he didn’t ambush Styles. Styles tells him that he felt so good demanding his opportunity last week that he wants to do it again.

AJ Styles makes his way down to the ring with a smile on his face. Styles begins by saying its been 7 days but he’s still not sorry about last week. He then says that for everything Shane has put him through, he decided to return the favour by putting him through a window.

Styles says that Shane must be crazier than anyone thought and then accepts his challenge. He admits that he wants to be at ‘Mania cause its the Ultimate Thrill Ride. However, he still maintains that Shane needs this match because the blue brand would crumble without him.

AJ says he is untouchable. He then tells us that he’s going to wait for Shane and added that if we thought that last week was bad, this one will be phenomenally worse.

After the break, The Uso’s challenge American Alpha for the Tag Team Championships!

*Commercial Break*

We return to see Daniel Bryan on the phone, to Shane McMahon. Bryan informs Shane that AJ says he will be waiting for him in the parking lot and Shane tells Bryan something that makes him smile and say “that will work”.

Baron Corbin walks in and talks to Bryan. Corbin asks as to the whereabouts of Dean Ambrose, and Daniel says he hasn’t heard from Ambrose in weeks. Corbin turns to leave and says he has the night off, so you can find him at the blackjack tables. Bryan stops him and says he caught him on a bad night, so tonight Corbin can face Randy Orton!

WWE Tag Team Championship Match

America Alpha Vs. The Uso’s

Jimmy Uso and Jason Jordan start the match. Jason Jordan applies a headlock to Jimmy. JBL sends his thoughts to JR from everyone in the WWE family – JR’s wife was involved in a car crash today and is in a serious condition.

Jason makes the tag and Jimmy finds his partner too but Gable immediately has him in a submission hold. Gable works his way to the corner but does not tag his partner in and instead holds on to the hold.

Jey works his way out and Jordan tags himself in. The two work together and clear the ring after a clothesline, while the other Uso slides out of the ring.

*Commercial Break*

The Usos are in control when we return from the break. Gable finds himself in a headlock in the centre of the ring until he is flung hard into the corner. Gable finds himself in the corner and jumps out of the way in time. Jimmy makes the tag and Gable tries to get to his partner but Jey stops him.

Jimmy tries to get involved and is taken out on the outside by Jordan. Jey continues the action in the ring with Gable, who rolls out. Jimmy slams him to the ground with a hard clothesline that almost puts him out for the 10-count. Gable barely makes it into the ring. Gable is rag dolled for a bit until a spear goes wrong and Jey finds the ring post instead.

Gable finds the time to tag in and Jordan clears house. Gable tags himself him and dives from the third rope. He goes for the pin but Uso kicks out. One of the Usos goes for the quick fall but to no avail. The brothers then climb to the top rope and try to double up on Gable but is stopped by Jordan.

Jordan and Gable hit the American Bulldog and nearly put the Usos away. The fans start chanting “This Is Awesome!” The action then goes to the outside, Gable hits one of the Usos with a moonsault outside and is then hit with a clothesline into the barricade.

As Jordan tries to enter the ring again he is tripped and crotched on the lower rope. When he enters the ring disoriented he is met by a boot that puts him out for the three-count.

Winners and New Tag Team Champions: The Uso’s

*Commercial Break*

We see Luke Harper backstage and he says Sister Abigail turned a good man bad. He says Randy Orton opened Pandora’s Box – destroyed it – and now a new evil roams the Earth. He says next week he will destroy Bray Wyatt.

We’re shown a tape of a “un-aired episode of Total Bella’s”. The video consists of Maryse mocking Brie and Nikki, and Miz imitating John Cena. They mock Cena & Bella’s issues as a couple, namely that of Cena not proposing and being weirdly strict. It’s kinda funny and apparently there is more to come later.

Baron Corbin makes his way to the ring for his first-ever match with The Viper!

*Commercial Break*

Baron Corbin Vs. Randy Orton

Orton begins with a headlock but Corbin slams him into the mat right after. Orton goes for an RKO but is stopped and Corbin rolls out of the ring.

Corbin looks like he’s in control until he throws Randy on the ropes and waits to set him up for a move but is slammed to the mat himself. The Viper works on Baron’s leg and finally gets him in the corner. He then climbs the rope and rains down right hands.
Orton tries to reach Corbin who is outside the ring but is instead hit onto the turnbuckle, giving the Lone Wolf the advantage as we go into a commercial break.
*Commercial Break*
We return just as Corbin goes for the cover but the Viper kicks out. The Lone Wolf then locks in a submission hold in the centre of the ring. Orton finally works his way up but is finally hit with a knee to the body. Corbin is flung to the corner but he slides under the ropes and re-enters the ring only to slam Orton with a clothesline.
Corbin continues to be in control and screams at Orton as he lies on the ground. Corbin lands a straight right and runs into Orton in the corner to find a boot. Orton hits a couple clotheslines and flings Corbin into the corner. The big man slides through again and re-enters to ambush the distracted Orton, who instead counters into a power slam.
Orton plants Corbin with a full Nelson and then attempts a DDT on the ropes. Corbin works his way out of the ring and the action spills outside. The Viper gets the Wolf back into the ring and completes the DDT. Orton tries the RKO but is countered into a Deep 6. Orton kicks out and rolls out of the ring. Corbin follows him out and crashes into the steel stairs instead of Orton who moves out of the way.
Both men lie on the canvas until Ambrose appears on a fork lift and says, ‘Corbin, you busy?’. Orton takes advantage of the distracted Corbin and finishes the bout with an RKO.

Winner: Randy Orton

After the match, Ambrose comes to the ring and accepts Corbin’s challenge for a WrestleMania match, then hits Dirty Deeds!

Later tonight, Becky Lynch will face Carmella and AJ Styles is still waiting for Shane in the parking lot!

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